Specialize in Design & Installation of LPG/NG Reticulation System

Natural Gas (NG) mainly consists of methane and is reticulated or piped to premises. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) occurs naturally or produced by ­product of oil refining. It can be either piped to premises or supplied in cylinders or tanks.

Over the years, BFSB as registered gas contractor with Energy Commission (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) have acquired vast experience and proven track record by having various projects related to LPG, NG reticulations and pipeline system projects.

We are capable on designing, installing, constructing, testing & commissioning, maintaining and repairing on gas pipe. We also provide a preventive  and  corrective  maintenance  programs  on  LPG/NG  systems and provide technical assistance/support on gas pipeline to our customers.

Indeed for safety issue, we also provide a gas detection system which is include of gas detector and solenoid valve. Gas detection system is to ensure that the gas supply will be cut-off in the event LPG or NG leaking therefore its prevent commercial building, factory or residential from any damage or explosion.